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  • Name is chef Sterling Walker III, thank you for viewing my website, I was born in St. Louis and raised in San Jose, California. My experiences from cities like Manhattan, Las Vegas and Los Angeles gave me the understanding of hospitality in Hotels and Fine dinning as my basic training. The people and celebrities will forever hold memories and stories to share.


    My upbringing was multi heritage with a family history of Native American, family extending with Mexico roots and Southern African American charm. There was never a missed plate, mother had Julia Child as an influence making light beautiful quiches at home. Till this day I will make one just to bring back moments from mother who just loved to cook from scratch everything teaching Sterling food is a retreat, it's what can make you smile though hard times.

    ( Prestyne Walker will be missed 2014 Love you MOM. I support any fight agiast Cancer program).

    Take a look and enjoy!

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    Made easy: Shrimp/Red Beets/roasted and crispy Salsify-Lemon Béchamel.

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    Private Chef style

    Working in California

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    Breakfast 2

    Solo moments

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    Hello everyone, this pass Summer I started back into project managment, which I took before 4 years ago. It's one one of those courses that... I REALLY LIKE lol, Agile and Waterfall with many other tools to figure our barriers. YAY! It's the HOLIDAYS and I have something for you ALL please...